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tridxx cc strives to render best of class services to its customers in the business and IT arena on the basis of consulting, coaching and management disciplines.

A standard and best-practice approach is applied to all projects:

  • evaluate
  • define
  • transform.

Starting with an evaluation phase tridixx identifies in close cooperation with its customer opportunities / potentials and evaluates opportunites / potentials to solve the current problem.

During the definition phase targets are set, business models and the case for action defined and a project master plan covering the following phases drawn up.

tridxx cc supports its customers in the transformation phase. All activities during the evaluation and definition phase enable the customer to set up and realize its own project. Supports activites are (but not limited to) project lifecycle support, tailoring of methodologies and project environment set-up.


The person behind tridxx cc is Dr Franz Thiel. He has extensive experiences in the management, IT and academic area. His academic background is business informatics, where he helds a diploma and a doctorate from the University of Regensburg, Germany. Business informatics covers all aspects of complex business and informations systems in and between enterprises.

In the meantime he has more than 20 years of experience in the IT, covering nearly all roles in programme and project management and already more than 10 years experience in operational senior management (including business management).